Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lock Changing

Seattle locksmith lock change
The first thing you can be sure of when moving into a new place such as an apartment, house, or other type of living situations is that many people before you may still have keys to your new place. There is no way to really tell how many copies to your new place are really out there in the hands of people you may not know. For that reason, changing the locks when moving in will be a good way to give you the peace of mind that no stranger would be able to access your new home.

Normally, in a rental situation, it is the landlord or property manager's job to make sure the locks will be changed each time a new tenant moves in. It is also a good idea in this case to verify who will have access to the place. Usually only the landlord or property manager would have a key to access the place in an emergency type situation or to show in case the current tenant will be moving out. However, many complex apartment properties for example will have an additional person with an access which will be the maintenance guy.

Moving into a more private property that is part of a community association can be tricky at times since every change you will want to make to the exterior of the unit will have to go through them. Changing the locks is no different. Before calling a professional locksmith to change your locks, check with the association about the type of lock you can or can't use when it comes to the appearance aspect of it. If the rules are very strict, re-keying the locks would be a good alternative as well.

Finally, if your new place was bought to own, it would mean all the decision making would fall on you which include security and locks as well. Many residential homes use deadbolts and knobs or lever-sets as their primary security choice for the main entrance door while some others use Mortise locks for extra security reasons. One of the issues that can arise when deciding to change the locks at your new home, is the fact that there might be a need to further modify the door to fit the new lock. In this case we do not recommend to do so since it may affect the construction and integrity of the door. Normally it would be best changing to the same style lock or even re-key it.

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