Monday, October 27, 2014

Buick LaSabre Trunk Key

I got a call recently from a customer to make a trunk key for an 88 Buick LaSabre. It seemed that neither the dealer or another locksmith company the customer had called, was able to originate any codes prior to 1990 models. I started to remove the glove-box lock so I could retrieve four of my six cuts and progress the other two.

I was surprised to find that the glove box lock on this vehicle had all six wafers and a side-bar. The side bar glove box lock could be recognized immediately because it does not turn with the key but slides to the left to lock and the right to unlock. Since I was lucky to find the glove box unlocked, I was able to obtain a key doing the following.

I removed the two screws that hold the entire lock mechanism in the glove box door. The front of the lock is held onto the back of the case by two pressed through, plastic clips which open in four directions. If an attempt would be made to close the clip with needle-nose pliers, the tip might break and only two of the four legs would be closed.

A solution would be to get a key blank that has a small hole in the head that will not fit down over the end of the retainer. Next step would be to slide the hole of the key over the four- pronged clip and as the legs come together, continue pushing downward until the retainer enters the back of the lock case. The same process would need to be repeated with the other three retainers.
Now the cylinder would need to be removed. Rake the wafers while depressing the slide bar, decode the cylinder and cut a new key. As the lock is reassembled, it is important to remember pulling down on the latch so you can insert the cylinder. As the lock slides back into the lock, the undamaged clips will snap back into place retaining the lock as intended.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Master Key System

Many people tend to think of master keying as a magical way that a particular key is able to open any lock as its name suggests. The system is widely used by locksmith technicians providing residential and commercial services. In reality however, mastering will most likely increase the level of security as a system increases in size. When you examine the concept as you see it, Master Keying really has only two components: convenience and strength. It is definitely much  easier for a maintenance figure to carry one sole key rather than a hundred keys, right?

Then there is also the school janitor who might have one "master key" and has an easy access to any door within the school to make it easy on him to do his job. What a great patent it is to have; to be able to use a simple piece of metal that unlocks such significant purpose! To be the only person that has such authority that allow him unlimited entry at any time for any purpose. The real question then needs to be addressed: Why does someone needs to have 24 hours access to everything? Usually, there is no particular reason, other than the ones just mentioned. Unless the key holder is the business owner, it's really not that necessary.

On the other hand, one must consider what would be if these master keys fall into the wrong hands and most likely will cause chaos due to the newly acquired "instant access". Many business Institutions would need to carefully rethink the advantages and disadvantages of a master key system. Planning a system using various levels of master keying would need to be done in a way so that all aspects of security will not be compromised by one minor mistake.

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