Friday, December 26, 2014

Mercedes Ignition Tip

Sometimes, as a locksmith technician when you get called for a job, it can develop to an extra job as well. I got a call the other day for a car lockout in a church. The vehicle was an early 90's Buick Regal. Apparently, the customer locked the keys inside the trunk of the vehicle. Luckily, I had a special GM pick tool that I usually use on most GM models to unlock them. Once I got the trunk of the Buick opened, the church minister informed me about an issue he had with his Mercedes that I may be able to help him with.

According to him, the problem with the Mercedes was that the key did not function well with the ignition by being inconsistent turning the ignition. However, he did mention the key was operating the doors with no issues. Since I've serviced the ignition on these Mercedes models before, I informed him that the issue was very common. Because the key is made of steel material and the wafers in the ignition are brass, the ignition tend to wear out thus the key was inconsistent operating the ignition.

Since the issue was not new for me, I let him know that I could probably be able to fix it. When I told him that, he mentioned that he went to dealer to get the problem fixed and they gave him an expensive estimate which is the reason why the car was seating for so long as he did not want to spend too much to repair the problem. I then told him since I'm not the dealer, I would probably charge him a lot less.

To begin tackle the problem, I started by decoding the vehicle's key and make a new one. However, for some reason the key didn't work. I figured it might be since the wafers in the ignition were worn out as i suspected, so I made a another key, but this time I used higher cuts. To my surprise, it didn't work as well!

Since I didn't have any other option to get the ignition cylinder out I was about to cut the face off of the ignition, so I could get to the roll pin that was holding the ignition. When I went to grab my tools, I had the GM picking tool with me and I had an idea all of a sudden. I inserted the key back in the ignition, and placed my GM vibrating picking tool against it and turned it on. As the tool was doing its thing, I used a little force turning the key and it worked! It then let me easily remove the ignition lock and put a new one instead. The customer was happy, and I was able to make pretty penny that day.

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Ford Ignition Fix

One of the most common problems I ran into while working on Ford ignitions during my years as a locksmith technician is when the ears on the ignition or collar will turn even when there is no key inserted into the cylinder. This problem usually caused by the fact that the color will come loose and spin around the ignition. Normally, this type of ignition problem will result in a new ignition type solution. However, I came up with a way that will save the customer some money by fixing the issue instead of replacing the ignition.

There is a product called WonderLocking which is a commercial type superglue that can be found on most hardware stores. It is usually used to repair broken furniture such as tables or chairs, but I discover it does a great job repairing the collars on the Ford ignition. The first step is obviously will be to remove the ignition from the steering column and line up the color, so it will be possible to insert a key to stabilize it. I then direct the face of the ignition down to prevent the liquid from penetrating the ignition's internals. Now putting few drops of the WonderLocking liquid on the back of the collar which goes over the ignition and that will conclude the initial repair.

It usually takes about a minute for the liquid to dry, but it is important only to use it on the areas that needs the repair. Once it dries, I test the cylinder operation with a key to make sure it is turning properly. If the ignition seem to function properly, this is the time to reassemble it back and finish the job.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Astro Van Lockout Tip

Lockout jobs is the most common type of jobs a typical locksmith would do most of the time. During my years as a locksmith technician probably 70% of my work were lockouts. Out of those 70%  most of them were car lockout. From all the car lockouts I had to do in the past there are several vehicles that I found to be very tricky. Out of those vehicles is a 1989 Chevy Astro Van. Even though in the locksmith books they mention to use a specific type of tool for this vehicle, I still found it difficult to open.

As my personal preference, when I ran into these type of vehicles where I can't open with the tool as mentioned in the books, I would usually turn to use the wedges. the way that I would do that is stick the wedge on the siding door glass just enough to be able to stick a Slim Jim inside and pop the window's lock clamp in the front followed by the back of the window. Once that is done, the window should open at about 4 inches which will give enough access to reach through the window in order to unlock the door.

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Striking Door Jambs

The following is something I've learned during my years as a locksmith technicians. It will make this particular job to look more professional then other what other locksmith technicians usually do when they install a deadbolt or a door knob strike plate. The procedure starts by screwing the plate onto the jamb at the beginning followed by using a knife blade around the edges of the strike plate instead of marking it with a pen.

The next step starts by unscrewing the strike plate and digging out the wood in between the cuts that were made. This process seemed to help getting sharper edges for the strike installation particularly in aging houses which probably have multiple coats of paint on the door jamb the will fall apart if an attempt digging through them will be made. I am fully aware that there are many strike tools around the industry, but even those will cause a mess if the door jams has been painted many times in the past.

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