Thursday, June 25, 2015

Electronic Locks

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Key-less entry locks have become very popular in recent year especially for residential applications. They are very convenient to use and eliminate the need to manage more keys. In addition, they are an upgrade in the level of security over the traditional key-in-knob type of locks. There are many types of key-less entry locks in the market where each can be suited to any type of residential security needs.

A key-less entry lock that comes in a form of magnetic lock mechanism is actually considered to be an electronic lock. An electromagnet that is incorporated with the lock system will normally be mounted on the door frame where a magnetic armature will be mounted on the actual door. These types of magnetic locks are very reliable and can withstand most intruder methods from breaking inside your home. The downside with this lock is the fact that it would need to be unlock when getting in and coming out.

A stand alone electronic lock system is another good example of a different type of key-less entry lock. With this lock, the electronic control system would be incorporated directly to the lock . These types of locks can normally be found as a combination type key-less entry locks where a keypad is being used in order to enter a unique code by the user in which then it will send a signal in the system to retract the locking mechanism. The advantage of these types of locks is the fact that it will lock itself automatically once the door is closed.

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What happen if you want to replace the current locks with key-less entry types and you are worried about modifications that may need to be done for the door? Most key-less entry electronic locks do not require any extra modification to the door. Most traditional locks such as cylinder and Mortise types can be replaced with similar type key-less entry locks with electronic mechanisms without having to further dig into the door. The locks should be a perfect fit with the addition of a small hole modification to get the electrical wires through and fit a power transfer hinge which will be the recipient of a signal coming to lock or unlock the door.

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Master Key System

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Many large commercial property or business owners such as complex apartment buildings or other type of property involving several rooms inside the compound are facing a security issue. On one hand they are in need of a complete control over their entire property where they could access any room or space without any issues. However, on the other hand, this type of control would need to be done while the individual tenants in the property would be able to access and secure their own space. This type of universal key does create the conflict in which everyone would potentially be able to access other spaces in the property as well which include manager's office or other restricted rooms.

Luckily, there is a solution for that where most professional locksmith technicians or companies now offer. This type of solution will give the property manager or owner the type of access control he or she would want while still keeping it secure for the tenants of the property. This type of service called master-key system implementation. Applying it to the entire property will give complete access to the property owner or manager while still restricting the access on the other individuals in the property. The tenants will enjoy the privacy and security of their receptive space while the manager or owner will have access to all spaces at any time.  

Locksmith Seattle master key system
The way a master-key system works is by adjusting all the locks in the property in order to comply with a universal key also known as a master-key that would be able to work any door in the property. In addition, an additional unique key will be provided to match each space in a unique form where it would only match the lock installed on the space's door. In theory it would mean there will be only 2 keys that would be able to operate each lock in the property, one that is the master to access all and a second key for to give access to each space individually.

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