Thursday, August 20, 2015

Key Duplication

Locksmith Seattle key duplication
Getting a copy for a key to a home is very common. Many home owners or renters will make copies of keys for themselves as an extra, for a close friend, new roommate, family member, or for other reasons. The first people will think of to get a key is through the local locksmith. However, locksmith shops are not always open, and mobile locksmith companies will normally won't come to a customer location to just make a key so what do you do? That is when many people tend to turn into online service key duplication. However, this is not always the best option.

The way online duplication service work is by taking a picture of the key you want to duplicate with a smart phone and uploading it through the key duplication app. Once the order is confirmed by the online service company, the key will be made and send via mail. Although it sounds like a painless and easy way to get key duplicated, it also creates a somewhat of a security risk in general as it gives the possibility to anyone for taking a photo and duplicating your key.

Seattle locksmith key duplication
Another option of duplicating a key is using a key duplication kiosk. These can often be found in random places such as grocery stores for example. It might be convenient as well. However these machines are notorious for cutting low quality keys. These types of key duplication services are causing a security risk as they are opening the door for anyone to come and duplicate a key to someones home. That is why managing the keys to your home is very important.

If you really must getting your home key duplicated and the local locksmith shop is not open for business, try a local hardware store. Hardware stores will normally use quality key blanks and professional key cutting machines, so you can expect a quality copy that will last for a long time.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Access Control Lock System

Seattle locksmith access control lock system
Key-less entry lock systems are now the future in commercial property security. However, there are many types of key-less entry lock systems which may or may not suit your needs. Normally, there will be to main types of lock systems in the market where each one will have its own unique features and benefits. You have the push button type of locks and the card reader access control locks. Each one on its own unique way can contribute significantly to the security of your business.

Focusing on the advantages of an access control lock system, the main benefit would be monitoring and controlling. With most access control lock systems, different access levels can be changed and programmed easily into the system which may help for a business where different employees have different authorization levels accessing certain departments. This make things much more convenience saving the hassle of changing locks or re-key different locks in the property from time to time.

Locksmith Seattle access control lock system
The second advantage that comes with the integration of access control lock system is tracking your employees. In case there is sensitive materials in some rooms that will go missing for example, an access control lock system will give you the option to check who was last accessing the room. In addition, it can ensure no employee will access the property after work hours as every access get tracked.

Because of the complexity of the system, access control lock systems should be installed by a professional locksmith. A locksmith will be able to install the system properly while providing a quick training of how to use the system.

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Residential Key-less Entry Lock System

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